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hallo hallo xD

so melde mcih mal hab schon lange nix mehr geblogt

aber es passiert acuh nix !!!!!


4.9.07 20:08

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regina (6.9.07 17:59)
Naaaa kla, es passiert hauffffffen weise etwas, du siehst es nur nicht :D

owooziahjp / Website (24.11.07 07:11)
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! trjmnfunrcqca

bclhkvawrt (25.11.07 02:31)
I have never been much in favour of online shopping. The idea that the ancient physical delight of strolling the marketplace or bazaar and taking in its sights and smells might one day be replaced by clicking and dragging from a desktop is one I have always found more repugnant than convenient. But that was before I found out aboutWhat is Etsy? If you ask its founder, 27 year old Brooklyn based Rob Kalin, Etsy is "a childhood word from a Fellini movie" that he chose because "it embodies the curiosity of imagination" (the naughty Kalin has also playfully told the press that Etsy comes...

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